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Pali Fonts - Unicode Version

Pali Font File LibraryThese are TYPE I Fonts and are the preferred fonts.
This collection of modified Pali Type 1 fonts have been made available after other Pali modified Type 1 fonts were found to be unusable or unsuitable. The fonts follow the CSX convention - there is more about this in the readme.txt in each font family zip file.

You are welcome to E-mail Phil Thompson with questions on Pali fonts - PC platform only. PDFs on this page will explain how to make MS Word Macros for Pali characters

Pali Font Resources: (Ven Pesala has explanatory information about Pali fonts) (mixed Pali and Sanskrit fonts available)

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- Information about Pali Type 1 Fonts, Character Sets and Issues. (PDF & Word Doc).
04 KB
-Word Pali Macro Guide, by Phil Thompson.
2.6 MB
-Chandra's Modified Pali Type 1 fonts for PC OS.
250 KB 
-Information on Standardization of Sanskrit / Pali fonts. (PDF document)
• installmacfonts.txt
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-Text file for Installing Fonts on the Macintosh.
• macfonts1.pdf
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-Understanding Font Formats for the Macintosh (PDF document).
2,547 KB
-Zipped file of Chandra's Macintosh Pali Fonts for Mac OS.
Extra Pali Type 1 fonts - which has six new Pali font subdirectories inside with six new Pali font families. There are explanations of how usually these Pali fonts have been resurrected/repaired so that they now work in Windows.
Pali Type 1 Fonts Converted to TrueType Fonts:

This collection of fonts below originally made by Chandra Yenco as Type 1 fonts have been converted to True Type Fonts. It is recommended that for paper print and PDF making that the better performing Type 1 font format be used. These True Type fonts can now be embedded.
Zipped FileDownload File File size . »» PALI True Type Fonts converted from the above Pali Type 1 Fonts.
400 KB
-Pali Bookman (10 TTF)
359 KB
-Pali Charter (10 TTF)
308 KB
-Pali Helvetica (10 TTF)
410 KB
-Pali Palatino (10 TTF)
412 KB
-Pali Times (10 TTF)
48 KB
-Pali Chancery (1 TTF only)
1,930 KB
-Complete Collection of 51 Pali TTFs in 5 families + Pali Chancery - decorative.

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