The Book of Protection

The Book of Protection - Paritta
by Ven. Piyadassi, Maha Thera


i. Going for Refuge (Saranagamana)
ii. The Ten Training Precepts (Dasa Sikkhapada)
iii. Questions to be Answered by a Novice (Samanera Panha)
iv. The Thirty-two Parts of the Body (Dvattimsakara)
v. The Four-fold Reflection of a Monk (Paccavekkhana)


1. Discourse on the Ten Dhammas (Dasadhamma Sutta)
2. Discourse on Blessings (Mangala Sutta)
3. The Jewel Discourse (Ratana Sutta)
4. Discourse on Loving-kindness (Metta Sutta)
5. Protection of the Aggregates (Khandha Sutta)
6. Discourse on Advantages of Loving-kindness (Mettanisamsa)
7. The Advantages of Friendship (Mittanisamsa)
8. The Peacock's Prayer for Protection (Mora Paritta)
9. The Moon Deity's Prayer for Protection (Canda Paritta)
10. The Sun Deity's Prayer for Protection (Suriya Paritta)
11. Banner of Protection (Dhajagga Paritta)
12. Factors of Enlightenment (Maha Kassapa Thera Bhojjhanga)
13. Factors of Enlightenment (Maha Moggallana Thera Bhojjhanga)
14. Factors of Enlightenment (Maha Cunda Thera Bhojjhanga)
15. Discourse to Girimananda Thera (Girimananda Sutta)
16. Discourse at Isigili (Isigili Sutta)
17. Setting in Motion the Wheel of Truth (Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta)
18. The Great Assembly (Maha-samaya Sutta)
19. Discourse to Alavaka (Alavaka Sutta)
20. Discourse to Bharadvaja, the Farmer (Kasibharadvaja Sutta)
21. Discourse on Downfall (Parabhava Sutta)
22. Discourse on Outcasts (Vasala Sutta)
23. Discourse on the Analysis of the Truths (Saccavibhanga Sutta)
24. Discourse on Atanatiya (Atanatiya Sutta)

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