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It is estimated that 40% of the victims of cyclone Nargis, the cyclone that struck Burma with devastating effects in early May, are children of whom an estimated 4,500 have been orphaned.

Without help and support, these children face a bleak future. They are vulnerable to exploitation and abuse. They could easily fall prey to human traffickers, end up in the commercial sex industry, become victims of substance abuse, or be recruited as child soldiers.

Several monasteries in Burma have undertaken to care for these children. Some of them have already moved into monasteries where they are being provided with shelter and care, food, clothing, and education. They are being looked after by monks and nuns with assistance from lay supporters and other members of the community.

The task of taking care of 4,500 children is, as you can imagine, immense.

To assist, the Sangha Metta Project in collaboration with the Burma based Phaung Daw Oo Foundation has established the "Spiritual Adoption” programme.

Under this programme we are asking you who have children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews who are at school, or you who have links with schools, to encourage the school to set up a photographic exhibition showing the impacts of the cyclone, and the children who have been orphaned or affected and, in spirit, adopt a child, some children, a class or a school.

Schools can encourage pupils and students to conduct activities or set up projects of their own with the aim of raising funds or material support such as clothing and school equipment for these children.

Teachers can use this opportunity to show their pupils and students that there are others who are less fortunate than they are, and to instill within them a sense of compassion and care. They can also use the opportunity to teach their students about other parts of the world, different cultures, religions and lifestyles, and how mismanagement of the environment can bring devastating effects.

We are happy to provide photos of the disaster and the children on request, and can answer any questions you or your students may have.

Any outcomes of school or classroom projects can be channeled to the children through the Sangha Metta Project or directly to the Phaung Daw Oo Foundation. Please contact us by email or phone at the address and number shown in our contact details for further information.

Laurie Maund
Project Manager

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