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Traditional Chinese Temple
Come inside Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery, located in Singapore. Not that you have to leave your chair to go there! Moving your mouse over this vast complex, you can let yourself in wherever you like. Not only that, each time you do, information about about what you see - including the architecture, different Buddhist statues and interior decoration - is provided.
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The Daily Enlightenment: Book 1 - Reflections for the Practising Buddhist The Daily Enlightenment: Book 1 - Reflections for the Practising Buddhist
This multimedia version of 'The Daily Enlightenment - Book 1: Reflections for the Practising Buddhist' was put together by our flash guru at BuddhaNet. It is a collection of Buddhist Quotes, Realisations, Teachings (Dharma) and an articles for each day of the year. It was edited by Shen Shi'an from Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, Singapore. For more info, please visit The Daily Enlightenment website: www.TheDailyEnlightenment.com
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The Book of Zen: Freedom of the Mind
Zen lends itself very well to illustration in cartoon form, for Zen has a natural simplicity and a direct and down-to-earth approach to living that is at once refreshing and illuminating. Zen means to be free - absolutely - to be a human being, and this is possible only when self interest has ended and a person is one with the immensity of life. This selection of Zen Comics comics have been made with the kind permission of Asiapac Comics.
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Daily Readings from the Word of the Buddha
For over two millennium the discourses of the Buddha have nourished the spiritual lives of millions of people. This interactive movie contains extracts from some of these discourses selected from the Pali Tipitaka and also from some post-canonical writings. It is presented so that one extract can be read and reflected upon each day of the year, it is an excellent companion for anyone trying to apply the Buddha's gentle message to their daily life.
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Digital Buddha Vacana Digital Buddha Vacana
Digital Buddha Vacana is a daily readings software that automatically displays a verse from the Buddha's teachings on your PC, handheld or other supported devices.
Books include Buddha Vacana: Sacred Literature of Buddhism compiled by Ven. S. Dhammika and The Dhammapada translated by Acharya Buddharakkhita.
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The Thai Buddha Image
Feast your eyes on the wide range of Buddha images in Thailand. There are numerous styles, developed during specific periods in Thai history. These invariably reflect the cultural values, craftsmanship and influences of neighbouring countries. Admire Dvaravati art (dating back to the 7th-11th
centuries), Lopburi Art (dating back to the 11th-13th centuries and Rattanakosin art, beginning in the 10th century, to name just a few.
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Timeline of Buddhist History
Ever wondered when and where the first western translation of the Dhammapada took place? Or when the Dalai Lama was forced to flee Tibet and travel to India? Wonder no more! Beginning with the life of the Buddha (for your information 566-486 BCE), this timeline charts the significant developments in the history of Buddhism right up to the present day.
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Sayings of The Buddha
Who can fail to be profoundly moved by the words of the Buddha? In this series of delightfully illustrated stories (there are eight of them), the Buddha teaches on the importance of spiritual cultivation. Find out what he had to say about the independent self, the necessity of holding proper beliefs, why you won't get anywhere on the spiritual path unless you actually practice, and much much more.
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Rahula Leads The Way
The kids are going to love this. This gorgeous children's story is charmingly illustrated by Susan Harmer and describes all the adventures the little boy Leo has when he meets the young monk Rahula. Not only do they have a lot of fun together - but thanks to Rahula's monk's training and good sense, Leo learns how to be the best little boy he can be.
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The Wheel of Life
This interractive tour literally illustrates the essence of the Buddha's core teaching - the Four Noble Truths. Just click on any picture to be reminded that you alone - noone else - are responsible for your own destiny. That's because according to the law of karma (cause and effect), you reap what you sow. Each picture is accompanied by explanatory text.
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You don't need to give up everything and live in a cave in the snow to
successfully practice the teachings of the Buddha. Artist Richard Collins
provides this witty - and oh so poignant - pictorial to illustrate that it
doesn't matter where you are or what you're doing, every single moment in
your life is a great opportunity to be mindful.
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