BuddhaNet's Kids' Page

Hi and welcome to the kids' page!

You're invited, that is kids (of any age), to send us any
Buddhist stuff: computer graphics, etc for posting here . . .

Make your own Buddha pictures

Interactive Pictures by Michael Albers

Enlarge your browser window, and you should have at least 800 x 600 pixel,
better results in 1024 x 786 pixels, you need a browser version 3.0 or higher.

Jataka Tales - The Monkey Stories
Here's an illustrated Jataka Tale - A Monkey Story (click on the image).

They are tales in which the life of the Bodhisattva (the Buddha-to-be) in his previous births are narrated
The Bodhisattva is one, who by performing virtuous, kind and intelligent acts, aspires to become a Buddha.

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