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Buddhist Studies for Schools CD-ROMBuddhist Studies for Schools   

Updated with new and improved content.

The Buddha Dharma Education Association is a not-for-profit organisation staffed by professional volunteers who develop Buddhist study material for free distribution. We would like to continue to offer Buddhist education material such as this CD-ROM and other study material on our Website, BuddhaNet, in the spirit of Dana, that is, for free.

There is a dilemma, however, in that we rely on donations or sponsorship in order to continue to produce these CDs and other Buddhist educational material. We need help with the ongoing production and development cost of this CD-ROM, and other Buddha Dharma Education Association projects, so please consider making a contribution by making a donation for the CD-ROM or by becoming a sponsor for the continued production of this material. In this way, the Association can continue its work in spreading the Buddha Dharma and gives you an opportunity to make a gift of Dana or an act of generosity.

Print quality Adobe PDF documents of some of the HTML content of this CD-ROM is provided. All this material is also available in the Buddhist Study Section of the BuddhaNet Web site, including updated material.

The Web pages (HTML files) on the CD-ROM can be used on an Intranet system. Teachers, students and schools are welcome to copy this material, but are asked not to substantially alter it without permission. Please note that written permission is needed before this material can be posted on another Web site - and no commercial use is allowed.

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