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Tibetan Buddhist Society

“Through compassion caring for others and supporting others with love and kindness.” - Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden

Discover methods to gain a happier and more meaningful life as taught by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

• Guided meditations and practical instructions by teachers from various Buddhist traditions
• A Blessing Ceremony to pray for international peace and harmony,
12 noon Saturday
• Colourful festival market, outdoor café, free garden tours and photo exhibition
• Tours of the traditional Tibetan temple set in tranquil 10-acre garden ­ roses, native flowers and many varieties of trees.

Other Tibetan Buddhist Society activities:

• Introduction to Buddhist Psychology and Meditation ­ new series begins Sunday 7 March at 1.30pm
• Rose Garden Open Days ­ weekend of 20 and 21 March
• Charity programme to assist local people experiencing homelessness with food and
other essential needs

Entry: $6, children 12 and under free.
There is a facility charge for talks - $10 for one class, $15 for two and $20 for three or four talks
per day. Garden tours and photo exhibition free. Temple tours $5. All proceeds support the temple.

1425 Mickleham Rd, Yuroke, Vic 3063
30 minutes' drive from Melbourne CBD
Melways 385 J8 • Access Cookes Rd
T: (03) 9333 1770 E:

~ The Australian Youth Peace Prize ~

Do you know of a young Australian person 21years and under, who works for the ongoing peace of our community or world peace?

Would you like to be a part of the committee who organises this in Australia?

We need all and every kind of assistance in administration, fund raising, design and printing etc from any individual or group Australia wide who would like to be involved.

This is a non denominational event.

Dorothy and Mike Welton are the first contact for the moment, so if you believe you have excellent skills in any of the above areas, please let them know. They need to know the level of your expertise and how much involvement you are prepared to commit to this cause. Bearing in mind that this will be a regular annual event in Australia.

Email contact:

Mike Welton
Chairman Projects Committee
Buddhist Federation of Australia

Free Buddhist Counselling . . .

We are now offering free Buddhism-focused counselling via email. You can speak with an ordained, qualified counsellor at no cost by emailing

For more information please visit or
telephone 02 63734390.

Blue Padma Services Inc. is a not-for-profit registered charity.

Visit the beautiful Shambhala Mountain Center in scenic Colorado. Learn how to meditate, delve into the wisdom teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, stretch beyond your limits in a yoga retreat or practice mindfulness in one of our contemplative arts programs. And if R&R is what you are seeking, consider one of our relaxing, rejuvenating Retreat & Renewal weekends. Discover this and more at our pristine 600-acre mountain valley meditation retreat center, a sanctuary and training ground for body, mind and spirit.

Shambhala Mountain Center
4921 County Rd 68-C
Red Feather Lakes

Anyone interested in forming a meditation/sitting group in the Marysville Ohio, USA area - please respond?
Many resources still needed.

Contact: Justin Email address:


Karma Yiwong Samten Ling is a Meditation Centre in its early stages of development and operates under the spiritual directorship of Ven Dekhung Gyaltsey Tulku Rinpoche with the blessing of HH Karmapa.

It provides a physical presence for teaching and learning in the Karma Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in the central west of NSW; located just 30 minutes west of Orange, near the towns of Manildra, Molong and Cudal.

The Centre currently holds monthly 1 day Retreats (first Sunday of the month) and is looking to expand its program in 2009 to weekend Retreats. Participants are welcome ­ prior bookings are recommended for catering purposes.

Whilst the eventual goal is to establish a 3 year retreat building, current plans are focused on an amenities block, kitchen/dining hall and accommodation. The Karma Yiwong Samten Ling Building Fund is DGR endorsed and gifts of $2 and over are tax deductible. Any donations will be sincerely appreciated.

Please refer to and the linked blog for more information.
Enquiries to 02 6360 2114.

Wat Pah Sisaengtham a branch Monastery of a very well known Thai meditation master Phra Ajahn Sri a disciple of the late Phra Ajahn Mun Maha Thera is inviting people to donate for the Temple International School Project.

The school is looking for international volunteers/meditators who want to do a retreat of six months or more in return for teaching. More information is available from

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating
please contact Duen Marti at her email
or anyone interested in donating from Australia.
please email Gordon at

The Dharma Pearls Monthly

A monthly e-publication containing translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon. Subscription fees support the ongoing translation efforts at the Gateless Passage by Charles Patton, both in producing new translations and revising old translations.

Each monthly issue consists of at least a fascicle of translated Chinese source texts, usually with one major serial text and perhaps one or more smaller texts. The two major projects that are underway are medium sized Mahayana Sutras (Vimalakirti Sutra, Lankavatara Sutra, etc) and a project to translate selections from the Chinese translations of the Four Agamas.

Subscription rate is $20US for 12 issues. A sample issue is available containing the first four chapters of the Vimalakirti Sutra.

See the Dharma Pearls home page for for information at:


Rock Buddha Rock is an orginal rock opera based on the life and teachings of the Buddha. It is filled with memorable melodies, insightful lyrics, and an outstanding professional cast. Rock Buddha Rock tells the story of the Buddha in a new and engaging way. It is divided into three parts: Part 1: Siddhartha Realizes His Calling; Part II: The Great Awakening; and Part III: Buddha in the World: The Teachings. Each part contains a mixture of rock and folk music, Buddhist chanting, and storytelling.

Rock Buddha Rock was written and composed by Ron Israel (, a Boston based writer, musician, and long time Buddhist practitioner. It is available as a 2 CD set online for $18.00 US through the

The composer of Rock Buddha Rock is interested in working with people involved in animation and the theater who would be interested in adapting this work for animated film or the stage. Those interested should send an email to

A Rock Opera Based on the Life and Teachings of Siddhartha Gautama

About the Production
The story of Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha, takes place 2500 years ago in what is now western Nepal and eastern India. It is a timeless tale of a young man's search for meaning in an uncertain world.. It also is a story with a world view and spiritual teachings that have had a profound impact on our planet.
At first the Buddha's story was transmitted orally, codified by his early disciples and then passed down to successive generations. Gradually the story and the teachings of the Buddha made their way into print--- first as text versions of the Buddha's sermons; and then later as interpretive commentaries, scholarly analysis, biographies, and novels.

Rock Buddha Rock is perhaps the first effort to interpret the story of the Buddha through the lens of contemporary rock and folk music. It has been written and produced as a rock opera in three parts: Part 1 -- Siddhartha Realizes His Calling; Part II -- The Great Awakening; and Part III -- Buddha and the World: The Teachings. Each part contains a mixture of rock music, Buddhist chanting, and storytelling.
Rock Buddha Rock draws upon different Buddhist traditions to tell it's story-------the poetry of Zen Buddhism, the practical nature of the Vipassana insight tradition, and the Tibetan emphasis on compassion for others. Although there is a strong effort to be faithful to the facts of Buddha's life as handed down by scholars, a few liberties have been taken with the story to make it more germane to contemporary life. Hopefully, purists won't be offended.

Rock Buddha Rock was produced in a small studio outside of Boston over a two year period. The musicians and singers are Boston-based rock and/or folk music professionals. Some are Buddhist practitioners; others know little about the Buddha or his teachings, but, like all beings, are filled with Buddha nature.
Flowingchi Music 82 Buckingham Road · Milton, MA 02186 ·

The Internet Dhamma Radio Savanata Sisilasa Broadcast
Dhamma Talks in Sri Lankan Language seven days a week and in English on Fridays and Saturdays

Its a free service and can be accessed through:

You are kindly requested to listen to this service and make use of this opportunity
Hi! to all
I am a Burmese monk doing research in Sri Lanka. I have set up a weblog to record my reflections on the world of modern academics through the eyes of a conservative monk.

It is titled A Pali Student's Thoughts (
Welcome to all who happen to get interested.

With metta / Ven. Pandita

Host a Buddhist Foreign-Exchange Student
and Open a Window to the World!

We have a number of high school exchange students that come from asian countries, and whom are buddhist in their religion, which we are still looking for families who might want to open their hearts and homes for a few months. We are looking for Host Families for the upcoming school year(August-June), and we will be looking for Host Families for the January-June(1 semester only)as well.

-Our students in the program have their own insurance, and are instructed to bring 200 dollars, per month, in spending money with them, for the duration of their stay.
-Our host families receive a 100 dollar tax credit, from the federal government, for each month that they host a foreign-exchange student. So a ten month stay (the whole school year) will give the host family a $1000 tax credit for the year.

-Who can host? Just about anyone can host an exchange student:
Single-parent with child
Two parent family with children
Couple with no children
Older couple with grown children

-We do background checks on all of our potential host families, for the safety of the student.

If you would be interested in hosting a buddhist student, (or a student of another religion)please contact Stacey or Glenn at 269-876-8630, or at
You can also log onto the Center for Cultural Interchange website for more information at:

Thank you for opening your hearts to this wonderful opportunity.


Religion Survey

My name is Sam Cole and I am a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago. I am inviting you to participate in a survey that I am conducting for my master’s thesis. I am interested in how individuals of many religious traditions respond to questions about their religion and spirituality. You can access the survey by clicking on the link below. The survey takes between 25 and 30 minutes to complete and can be taken at any time.

A donation of $100 will be awarded to the charity or religious group as chosen by two random winners. Only those participants who enter their e-mail address will be considered in this random drawing.


Thank you!
Sam Cole

Lotus Garden

A Buddhist retreat center under the direction of Ven. Khandro rinpoche, in the Shenandoah mountains 8 miles south of Luray, Virginia, is having an "Inaugural Celebration" on Sept 21-25. His Eminence Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche will teach on Wednesday and thursday evening; there will be a long-life empowerment; and 45 monks from Mindrolling monastery will build a sand mandala, conduct a butterlamp ceremony and do ritual "lama dancing". We are presenting this to the general public as a "Tibetan Buddhist cultural festival" and it's suitable for non-Buddhists to attend. There will be food and handicraft booths; tenting is available.

If you go to our website at you can see stunning photos, pricing and registration information, directions, etc. Or call (540) 778-2405. Such traditional rituals are rarely seen in the United states. I hope you can join us.

Thösamling Institute and Nunnery for International Women

The first nunnery in India to support western monastics is urgently seeking donations to help complete a desperately need new accommodation block.

Thösamling Institute located in Dharamsala India, is a Rime (non-sectarian) Tibetan nunnery created by western nuns to provided a supportive and educational environment to western nuns and laywomen of all denominations.

Those who come to stay at Thösamling inevitably return to their home countries and encourage the spread of the Dharma throughout the world. We are asking for support to create the western Buddhist teachers of tomorrow. A donation of any amount will help us buy the stones and cement we need to offer a place of shelter to these sincere and brave women who travel to India from all over the world to peruse their faith.

For more information or to make a donation
please visit our website

Help build the Pure Land Down Under

Looking for the perfect location for a solitary retreat? Come to New Zealand to our stunning retreat centre.

Sudarshanaloka (Land of Beautiful Vision) is 240 acres of native bush, or temperate rainforest. Streams, waterfalls, trees, birds, long walks and lots of space. We have five personal retreat cabins available. And at $17.30 US per night plus food (less for retreats of a month or more) it's well worth coming down under.

Go to

We are also very close to the end of a fund raising campaign to get facility built for shared retreats. We are seeking donations. You can donate on the same website. This would increase the number of retreats we can offer from about four weeks a year to about forty. Help spread the Dharma! All we need is another $43,000 US and there will be a whole new teaching facility up and running. We have planning permission, a building team from within the Sangha, Quantity Surveyors' estimates, the lot - you could help with the final much needed injection of dana. Thank you!!!

To all who will lend an ear . . .

I write this letter to plead for assistance. I am only a citizen that is trying to help a large community of extremely displaced human beings. Recently our little town of Biloxi Mississippi was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. The town of Biloxi is a peninsula between the ‘Back Bay’ Delta of the Biloxi River and the Gulf of Mexico. The lower grounds at the tip of this peninsula consisted of a few casinos, fishing industry and a large Vietnamese community that started in the early 1970’s.

The population of several thousand Vietnamese Americans used the Chùa Buddhist Temple for many years as a hub and community backbone. The temple was built on and survives only by donations and serves as a religious center, community center, school, outreach and primary residence for the Monks.

On the eve of the dedication ceremony, monks and nuns from all around the United States came to celebrate. Unfortunately, Hurricane Katrina also attended the celebration. While people came to seek refuge at the temple, most ended up seeking refuge and chanting in the attic as floodwaters quickly hit the ceilings. Fortunately the toxic waters receded, but unfortunately it gutted the entire facility and took the majority of the town with it.

The temple has opened its property as a Disaster Relief Center. Several agencies are facilitating food and clothing operations for the community. As the cleanup begins, this temple has moved out doors. The people still come, but there are no building supplies or funding to rebuild.

Due to certain “Red Tape” Biloxi and Federal Assistance programs have deemed the temple a commercial property forfeiting its eligibility for the Monk’s Primary Residential Assistance and assistance for rebuilding the Temple.

If you can contribute anything to the rebuilding of our residence and Temple, PLEASE contribute here. All donations are tax deductible. Please, this is the real deal. We welcome you to come down, see with your own eyes and help with your hands, connections, building supplies and anything else you can drum up. The temple is currently without electricity or landline phone. I know its easy for people to disassociate themselves from this disaster, 'out of sight out of mind'. Please; if you dont believe, do a little research. Call FEMA and the Red Cross, they have a tent set up in the Temples' Front Yard. This is the real deal.

Thank you for help and supporting our community!

Chùa Buddhist Temple
179 Oak Street, Biloxi, MS 39530
Tel. (210)326-6261 (cell phone)

New Dharma centre in the south of France!

We are the Dharmahouse community project - a small, family-run community, drawing inspiration from the teachings of the Buddha and the ideal of living and connecting with others close to nature. It is our aim to explore a way of life centered around ecological and sustainable ethics, placing an emphasis on integrating mindful awareness into daily activities.

The Dharmahouse is based in the foothills of the Cevennes mountain range overlooking the Ceze River in the south of France, surrounded by national park. The property is located on a hilltop in eight acres of farm land encompassing a variety of plants, herbs and trees, such as olive, almond, plum, mimosa, fig and silk trees. The community is active in cultivating our large poly tunnel and structuring the land with permacultural ideas and designs.

We will hold meditation and yoga retreats and courses at various times throughout the year led by monastic and lay teachers. The courses will explore a range of topics including ecological building, permaculture and therapeutic process.
See website:

'The Dharma House Project' is a non-sectarian Buddhist CoHousing project being set up in the south of France in 2005-2006 We have set up this discussion group to explore the progress and spread news about the project. we are seeking people who may be interested in joining our community but also those who are just interested in finding out more. We also will have discussions around CoHousing and exploring the issues around living in a community.

We are keen to make contact with people with experience in CoHousing that could share their experiences with the group. We are keen for everyone to get involved and offer their thoughts and reflections to help us on our journey!!

The Group can be found at: Web site:

Hope to see you in the Dharma House discussion!!

Buddhist Book Project Poland

The project collects source texts, scientific dissertations, and other academic papers on Buddhism from all over the world and is realized in the Pomeranian Library in Szczecin, Poland.

The Buddhist Book Project Poland was inaugurated by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in May 2000. Thanks to the Dalai Lama's kindness, this project came under his patronage in August 2001.

The generosity of many donors allowed BBPP to collect more than 8,000 volumes and nearly twice that number of multi-media materials. Those donating books include reputable publishing houses and academic societies such as Buddhist Publishing Society, Snow Lion, and Dharma Publishing.

The Buddhist Book Project Poland welcomes any donations, including destroyed copies, not suitable for further distribution. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.

Please visit for complete information on the Buddhist Book Project Poland.

Kind regards

Pawel Kamienowski (Project Manager)

The Pomeranian Library
Buddhist Studies Department
ul. Podgorna 15/16
70-205 Szczecin POLAND

Phone: +48 91 4819125
Fax: +48 91 4819115
Mobile: +48 605 983 652
Sponsors needed for Tibetan monks living in India
Tsechen Damchos Ling is a small monastery following the Sakya tradition
of Tibetan Buddhism.
Founded in Tibet in the 11th century, the original monastery was completely destroyed following the Chinese invasion. The few monks who escaped re-established the monastery in southern India.

The monks would greatly welcome any offers of sponsorship.
They also need financial support to rebuild the existing monastery, which is in a dangerous and dilapidated condition, and is beyond repair.

Full details are on the website at

You're invited to visit The Great Stupa of Dharmakaya
at Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center

The Great Stupa, a 108-foot Buddhist memorial to peace, tolerance, and compassion, is now open to the public. Completed after 14 years using mostly volunteer labor, the Stupa is the most significant example of sacred Buddhist architecture in the Western world.

Please visit for regular visiting updates.
You are welcome to visit the Stupa on weekends for a guided tour. There are two tours a day, 11am and 2pm. Please plan to spend at least an hour on a tour.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call (970 ) 881-2184, x 0. Thanks for planning a visit!

Rocky Mountain Shambhala Center
4921 County Road 68-C, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545 USA
Tel: (970) 881-2184 Fax: (970) 881-2909 Email:,
Web site

Australian Buddhist Student Circle (ABScircle) Web page

Web site:

With the rapid turnover of students on campus, Buddhist societies at universities face a major challenge to grow their membership base and attract volunteers to serve on committees. In particular, experienced committee members often don't have an opportunity to pass on their experience to new committees before they leave.

ABScircle has been formed to help committees with an external source of ideas, skills and support to run a good society for their members. ABScircle will also help members of societies to contact their peers in other societies. And after graduating,

ABScircle will help ex-students to maintain the bonds of friendship as they develop their careers and start their own families.

Please contact Brian White:

Trailokya Buddha Mahasangha Sahayak Gana Amraoti (India)

TBMSG is a Buddhist center run by the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. In fact it is a name of a regional center of FWBO. Our center has been involved in Dharma as well as social activities since 1994. We are running a center which helps poor students for lodging and boarding in a city and all sorts of educational facilities.
We run this activity mainly on the donation given by Buddhists World-wide. You are very welcome to support our Noble work by donations or simply by coming to see our place.

Our Dhamma teaching activities are spread over a whole city amongst all those deprived of even the basic needs of life. We help people to be self confident self sufficient educated and ethically mature and pure. This noble work is done done by the hard work and dedication by the members of the center. This is our Metta Bhavana in action.

Please contact Dhammachari Kumarjeev for more information:
Contact address:

TBMSG Amravati

Bhumiputra colony
Congress Nagar
Amravati Maharastra, India.
or Saddhammapradeep Buddhist Meditation Center
At-Bhaje Ta-Maval Dist-Pune Maharastra, India


Atop the Snowy Mountains area,- though warm and sunny in summertime, with spralling blue lakes, rolling green hills and wildflowers- is 500+ acres awaiting transformation into a Women's Retreat Centre dedicated to the "Perfection of Wisdom". It will be non-sectarian, Buddhist oriented and open to all contemplative natured women seeking such an atmosphere with lots of deep powerful silence and spirit daring.

It is at the highest point in Australia, outside of the National Parks, at about 1220 meters. The vistas include as far as the eye can see toward the sea and up atop the Snowies in the other direction. The site has already been approved for 14 yurt-style round stone cabins, with two bedrooms each (twin accomodation if desired), a kitchen, lounge and toilet in each. Then there is the large shared meditation/conference/retreat centre, restaurant/dinning area, gathering centre with fireplace, gallery, library, etc. Also there will be a special "Temple of Silence" and an observatory with telescope for stargazing. Eventually sculptures will pose beneath gum trees.

It has town water and power, and will also receive solar heating facilities. Gardens can be planted in summer for the vegetarian fare. Silent solitary retreats for short periods will also be catered to. Co-ed meditation retreats are possible, observing the monastic atmosphere of the centre.

It is anticipated that individual women, group of two to four, or small groups will invest in the individual "yurt" cabins; they may then come for weekends, week long, monthly or seasonal retreats. The centre will hold meditation retreats and spiritual teachings to support itself. There is also a proposal for a single larger structure to accomodate 20 in a slightly less costing fashion, still catering to a contemplative atmosphere.

To facilitate the construction of the entire centre in which each woman would hold a "share" requires $100 thousand per cabin. Again this may be two women for $50 th. each, with their own rooms, four women sharing, etc. The entire mountain is composed of cloudy quartz crystal; thus it is assumed that this will be the main building material of the 14 yurt-cabins and centre.

Anyone interested is asked to contact "Wisdom's Daring"
at (02) 44728282 or email: as soon as possible. (notice posted 23 May, 2000)


"SAKYADHITA" means "Daughters of the Buddha"; Sakyadhita International is an Buddhist women's organisations which has just held its 6th conference, in Lumbini, Nepal on the topic of "Women as Peacemakers". We have members throughout Asia and the West and are now seeking to establish local national branches throughout the world.

Having accepted responsibility for formulating the Australian branch, I am seeking interested participants and future members. It is hoped to have our first Sakyadhita, Australia conference sometime late this year or in the early
summer, 2004. Any location or topic suggestions are welcome. The topic of exploring the meaning and development of Buddhism for Western women in the 21st C is being considered.

Sakyadhita International was formed after its first conference at Bodh Gaya, India, held in February, 1987. Some of its activities are:

• to create networks of communication among the Buddhist women of the world;
• to promote understanding among the different Buddhist traditions;
• to encourage and educate women as teachers of the Buddhadharma;
• to provide guidance and assistance for Buddhist nuns and those aspiring to ordination;
• to conduct research into Buddhist texts, as they relate to women's issues;
• to foster world peace through the practice of the Buddha's teachings.

Anyone interested please contact: Kala Perkins - "Wangmo Dharmadhatu" by email at:

Buddhist Peace Fellowship

[ Sydney Chapter ]

Bi-monthly support group meetings

Organise peace vigils, symposia, talks and visits, eg Dr Joana Macy, John Seed, Tova Green

Inter-Buddhist - all welcome !

For more information please contact the Secretary: Gillian Coote

Phone: (02) 9817 3466 Fax: (02) 9816 5384
31 Bonnefin Road, Hunters Hill NSW 2110

Damsara Buddhist Magazine . . .

We are a group of young Buddhists of Sri Lanka. We are publishing a Buddhist Magazine called Damsara. We are focussing on the basic teachings of the Buddha and it's applications in today's world. We are willing to network with world Buddhist associations in order to establish friendship and better understanding of the teachings of Buddha. We are capable of translating this Sinhalese magazine into English and French. We are looking for Buddhists overseas and Buddist Dharma Centres to help us with this project.

Please email us:

Free Dhamma Publication Project
[ For Buddhist Organisations Only ]

Countless books have been witten on the Life of the Buddha; but the "The Great Chronicals of Buddha" written by the late Most Venerable Mingun Sayadaw of Myanmar, stands out as the most comprehensive work on this subject.

Through the generosity of fellow Buddhist, 1000 copies of Volume I (Part 1 & 2) was sucessfully printed in November 1996. The 2nd Volume (Part 1 & 2) is now available for free distribution.

Synopsis of the Two Volumes of the Eight Books of the Great Chronicle of Buddhas: Vol 1 Part 1: SUMEDA the Future Buddha, the Prophecy, Reflections on Perfections, Elaborate expositions on Paramis. Vol 1 Part 2: Chronicle of 24 Buddhas, Dipankara Buddha to Kassapa Buddha; Future Gotama Buddha receiving Prophecy. Volume 2: Beginning of Buddha Ratana; From conception of the Bodhisatta to attainment of Buddhahood, and events during the 1st rains-retreat.

As these books are for Free Distribution you may readily request them directly from Selangor Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Society in Malaysia or through the post: If you have requested that the books be mailed to you, you will be informed of the required postage. Delivery is subject to the availability of stock and the process may take some time due to an influx of requests.

Please contact: Selangor Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Society (SBVMS)
29-b, Jalan 17/25, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Malaysia.

Tel/Fax:(603) 755 0596

Dana - Sri Lanka Society

A group of overseas Burmese and their Singapore friends have taken upon themselves the task of supporting the Burmese Sangha in Sri Lanka. Currently they have 59 monks and one nun studying in Sri Lanka because of their dana/generosity.

Please consider helping with a contribution in the ongoing support of the Burmese Sangha studying in Sri Lanka, as it is through your generosity that the Sangha can spread the Buddha -Dhamma for the benefit of all beings.

For further information please contact:
Daw Emma Tin Tin Myint Email:
U Soe Min Email:
or visit our Web site:

Buddhist Thangkas

If you are looking for Buddhist Thangkas of different quality but in accordance to iconography stated in practice texts, please write to :

Mr. Chow Teng Poh
PT Thomson Television Indonesia
Blok 213, BIP,
Jalan Beringin, Muka Kuning,
Batam 29432, Indonesia.
Fax: 62 770 611233

Thangkas prices range from around US100 depending on your requirements. Profits from the sale will go to the promotion of Buddhist activities. Our Thangkas are not making large profits as this project was started to support the needs of monks and to further an idea to set up a Buddhist monastery in Malaysia to support Buddhist Tantra of all traditions.

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