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Helping Hands, Inc.

We are requesting assistance in funding, (whether via private, or assistance with the competition and location of grants available), to expand services to local prisons in Arizona in the expansion of education in Buddhadharma, and outreach.

Administrative, traveling expenses, as well as supplies to inmates whether correspondence, educational materials, or the material to assist inside prison, such as yoga mats, obtaining permission for instructors to personally attend to inmating outreach, are just a few of the needs present.

Would you like to help? How are you inspired to help? How may we help you in kind?

Please contact:

Matt Riley
Helping Hands, Inc.
702 S. 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85701 USA

(You may leave a message with Lorena @ (520) 791-2732, Extension 1049)

Panna Karuna Project

The project was founded in 1998 by U Ba Aye to support the education of extremely poor children at the Taungpulu Monastery, Mindat, in the Chin Hills of the Union of Myanmar. The presiding monk, U Pannasiri ran a Primary School in his monastery precincts with about 150 very poor children which has now grown to about 400, out of which he selected clever students for further education in Yangon at Hlaing Mahasi Monastery. The children were placed in the Government Basic Education Schools. The two Monasteries provide free board and food and the Project pays for their school expenses as clothing, books, stationery, tuition etc until they finish the Basic Education High School (equivalent to Grade 12 of US system).

The numbers of children grew every year and currently Hlaing Mahasi could accommodate no more than 73 students. The students comprise children of many ethnic races such as Chin, Kahin, Karen, Mon, Pa-oh besides Burmese. It appears imperative now to build a new hostel in the precincts of Hlaing Mahasi in Yangon to accommodate more children in furtherance of our cause.

Panna Karuna Project depends entirely on donations from well-wishers and individual supporters. All donations will be used solely for educational purposes of poor children of all ethnic races of Myanmar and will be supervised by a committee of respectable persons of repute, subject to audit by an independent auditing organization.

We invite you to join us in this worthy project and would appreciate your kind and generous contribution.

Donations may be sent to

Ms Khin Thin Aye
5, Mulder Place
Banks, ACT 2906

Ph: 61-2-6240 7613
Fax: 61-2-6123 5436

Buddha Dharma International Foundation, Inc.

The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc. promotes Buddhadhamma-Vinaya through ongoing education, relief work, and international social work. By expressing compassion in wise and right actions, the Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc. demonstrates that what happens to the least of us on the Earth happens to the whole of us on the Earth. The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc. is committed to:

Help people all over the planet discover the truth of the Buddhadharma for themselves.

Present the Buddhadhamma-Vinaya (the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha) not as mere philosophy and/or religion, but as a way of life, and to reflect upon the contemplative life and the difficulties of living mindfully, especially with an emphasis for lay persons practicing Buddhadhamma-Vinaya as a way of life.

Provide a place for the international Sangha to renew their Refuge.

The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc., is dedicated to supporting compassionate, charitable, humanitarian, non-political causes.

The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc., works primarily in the Kingdom of Nepal because it is the Birthplace of Lord Buddha, and yet one of the poorest nations in the world with a yearly Gross National Product (GNP) per capita of less than $200 (despite statistics published and stating otherwise). In comparison, India's yearly GNP per capita is approximately $390, while the GNP per capita of the United States is a staggering $28,740.

Nepal is still in the process of renovating the Theravada Sasana which was nearly destroyed. The delicate and fragile process of renovating and restoring the Theravada Sasana after centuries of being unmercifully and horribly persecuted is less than 75 years old. It also reflects the history of the region as a whole.

The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc., is based on Theravada Buddhadhamma-Vinaya and is committed to the cause of International Peace with a priority to promote the immediate reduction of poverty and suffering in Nepal, as well as other countries.

The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc., works to design, support, implement, and sustain projects for the benefit of the educational, social, medical, artistic, and spiritual needs of the Nepalese people and citizens of other nations.

An Executive Board supports the Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc., headed by its founder and CEO, Ven. Bhikkhu Dhammapiyo, Theravadin Buddhist monk, of the All Nepal Bhikkhu Mahasangha.

The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc. places emphasis on the fact that its projects should be viable, self-sustaining, professionally managed, properly endowed, and entirely transparent.

A Mission of Compassionate Service to Humanity

The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc. works in conformity with the Buddhadhamma-Vinaya to uplift humanity through study and research, relief work, social work, the arts, the sciences, etc., as well as distribution of monetary resources in the form of charity, endowments, grants, scholarships, and other disbursements to:

* Establish and support social justice and peace-making initiatives.
* Provide for education, especially for children in poor countries.
* Advocate for human rights, the abused, and those unjustly tormented.
* Recognize the value of cultures all over the earth.
* Support the arts.
* Support the sciences.
* And most importantly, uphold the Buddhasasana-Dhamma-Vinaya for ordained
and laypersons.


The Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc. guarantees that::

Funds raised for a project are used specifically for that project, providing financial reports to its contributors, and a general expense report to be publicly available.

*it will uphold the highest standards of integrity to ensure the success of all its programs.

*it will not hesitate to resist or denounce, publicly if necessary, any unfair demands or pressures to which it may be subjected, from whatever source, which in the view of the CEO and/or Executive Board of Directors are either unacceptable and/or inconsistent with the principles of Buddhadhamma-Vinaya practice and the Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc., its Constitution, Amendments, and By-laws.

Mindful and Skilful Service to the Environment

In harmony with the Buddhadharma, the Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc. will do all it possibly can to protect the Earth through:

* Working with the environment and ecology, and those engaged in such activities.
* Helping to ban nuclear weapons.
* Promoting gentle treatment of other living things.
* Teaching compassion for and appreciation of the environment.
* Establishing programs for education about ecology and the environment, and
offering funds and providing resources for those who do this work.


1. Tri-Ratna Hospital Project

This project is approved and licensed by His Majesty's Government in Nepal. Nepal is the birthplace of the Buddha and has no Buddhist hospital. This hospital is not only direly needed but will provide care to the Sangha and anyone in need. The web site will be providing details as the project progresses.

2. Clinics and Health Camps

The BIF supports clinics and health camps. We need donations of financial support, medicines, materials, and if anyone is interested in a "working-vacation, let us know!

3. Tri-Ratna Maha Vihara Nepal Theravada International Meditation Center

The BIF received a lot of requests concerning meditation retreats. We can provide some assistance as we have monasteries and meditations centers here where meditation in the Theravada tradition is taught. Do to the growing interest and need, Ven. Dhammapiyo and others have proposed that a monastery/center be established for this purpose to serve both the needs of the international Theravada Sangha and international Dharma friends/practitioners.

NOTICE: If you are planning a trip to Nepal, please visit the web site and let us know when we can be of help.

Site Menu:

• Web site:
• Email:;

Contacts: Ven. Dhammapiyo Bhikkhu, Mr. Larry Kwiat,
Mr. Herakaji Bijaya Awale (Kumarajiva),
Mr. Vincent M. DeBenedictis, CPA

Mailing Addresses: write to: BIF, Inc.


Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 8975, EPC-735
Kathmandu, Nepal


Buddhadharma International Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 1464
Agoura Hills, CA 91376

Contact by FAX (North America): (867)633-6038

Bhikkhu Dhammapiyo:
Residence in the monastery Shree Shakya Singha Vihara:

Ven. Bhikkhu Dhammapiyo
Thaina Tole - 189, Lalitpur - 12
Patan, NEPAL

Telephone: 977-1-546705
by ICQ: 8863950

Direct Email contacts:

You can email us from the web site or email directly to:

Ven. Bhikkhu Dhammapiyo, CEO:

Ven. Bhikkhu Ashokakirti, Advisor:

Mr. Larry Kwiat, Administrative Coordinator:

Mr. H. K. Bijaya Awale (Kumarajiva), Nepal/Asia Director:

Mr. Vincent M. DeBenedictis, CPA, Financial Director:

Ms. Joy Todd-Russell, Public Relations:

Ms. Billie Henry, Publications and Special Communications:

Ms. Elaine Macmillan, Advisor and Special Assistance:

* Tax deductible donations can be made by visiting the web site
for more information or contacting the persons above.

nonprofit ID# State of California : #2234833
Employer Identification Number: 95-4804005

The Engaged Zen Foundation

An important organization that brings the light of dharma to the darkest corners of prison, including death row, may be lost without your help.

Here's what you can do:

1. Please re-send this appeal to others that you know of who might want to help.
If you can do nothing else, this will help greatly.
2. Please offer any suggestion that may be helpful. All great things start with a thought.

Please Email us at

3. Please send your donation to: The Engaged Zen Foundation
P.O. Box 700
Ramsey N.J. 07446-0700 USA
(All U.S. Donations are tax deductable)
4. Please urge your local clergy of all denominations, and religions to speak out
against the death penalty, and for humane prisons.
5. Please let your government officals know that you oppose the death penalty.
6. If your country, or state has no death penalty, please work to keep it that

Please visit our website:

The Muyal Liang Trust, Sikkim

Yongda Hill
West Sikkim 737113 India

Tel: +91 (03595) 50655
Fax: +91 (03595) 50655
+91 (03592) 24802 (Netuk House)

The Pemayangtse Monastery in West Sikkim was established in 1604 and has since become one of the most significant places of worship in Buddhism. Built on a plateau overlooking Kachenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world at nearly 8,600 meters above sea level, pilgrims and tourists alike travel from far and near to experience its peace, beauty, and spirituality.

Captain Yapo S. Yongda, former member of the Sikkimese guards and close friend and advisor to the late King trained from the age of four as a Buddhist monk. Having completed his course of study in less than half the time of most, Mr. Yongda later left his position with the monastery to assume his role as monk.

In 1980, Yapo founded the Muyal Liang Trust which seeks to provide a good, well-balanced education, food, shelter, clothes, and welfare to the severely deprived, disadvantaged, and poor children of Sikkim. 70% of the students are of the indigenous tribal communities throughout the state, many of whom are orphans. Subsequently in 1989 the trust received the national award in the field of child welfare from the President of India.

In addition to the school, various other programs have recently been initiated which seek to generate capital for the Trust. They include: Carpet weaving and carpentry vocational and income generation training centers; a dairy farm, the animals on which eat plants with natural medicinal qualities, making for "Special" milk, butter, and cheese; a tea plantation; and a cooperative market and bakery unit. While the school has successfully grown throughout the life of the program, lack of available funds and insufficient government support have resulted in only 60 seats being available for last year's returning class. With class scheduled to resume in early March, the urgency of the situation demands immediate action.

It also came to my attention that in addition to his responsibilities as monk and manager of the monastery, Mr. Yongda has been working completely alone on the project. Recognizing the need for assistance, the decision to accept his invitation was easy to make.

While beginning to plan the fundraising effort, myself and a fellow volunteer worker discovered that there have been only two or three such individuals over the past twenty years who have worked with the program. Continuous attempts to receive adequate government funding have been futile. Permit restrictions make long-term work stays nearly impossible. The strong support from the local community is only "Reluctantly" expressed. Strong military presence is at times overwhelming.

On behalf of the Muyal Liang Trust I am asking for any support that you can offer that would benefit the people of Sikkim.

If you would like to make a  donation payment can be made to the "Muyal Liang Trust" by cheque, or direct credit to the State Bank of India, Gangtok, Sikkim A/C No. 12/C&I/C-136.

Charles Guadagnolo

P.S. Due to technical difficulty you may have to fax
the Muyal Liang Trust C/O Netuk House, Gangtok.

MettaDana Project

The MettaDana Project works through the 650-year-old Kyaswa Monastery, located along the Irrawaddy River in a more remote part of the Sagaing Hills. In addition to teaching and preserving the Dhamma, monasteries in Burma have a long tradition of helping surrounding communities with some of the basic needs of life. The lay community both supports and is supported by the monastery in an interdependent and mutually beneficial relationship founded on metta (loving-kindness) and dana (generosity). Kyaswa Monastery is firmly within this noble tradition. Nearby lies the ancient village of Wachet, which was designated in the 14th century by the king as the main food preparation center for the growing sangha seeking solitude and inspiration in the Sagaing Hills. In fact, the village name derives from the Burmese word for "food preparation." Now the village has 500 houses and 3000 people, and the monastery is actively involved in improving health and educational conditions. The current Kyaswa abbot is Sayadaw U Lakkhana, a renowned meditation teacher and founder of the Wachet Jivitadana Sangha Hospital adjacent to the monastery.

MettaDana depends on gifts from individual supporters. All donations are channelled through Kyaswa Monastery directly to health and educational activities. In this way MettaDana does not disrupt the existing social fabric on any way but rather strengthens one of its most beneficial qualities, namely the offering of help within the community. No government agencies are involved and, as far as possible, the operating expenses of MettaDana are met by its volunteer staff.

How can you help

Working on the project has offered us an immediate and effective means to help the Burmese people. The generosity, graciousness and gratitude of the recipients has touched us deeply and continually renews are commitment to this project. We invite you to join us in supporting this worthy venture.

Monetary contributions can be offered, payable to MettaDana.

You can also help by contributing medicines, medical supplies, equipment and medical references and texts that are still functional but are no longer being used for one reason or other. Please contact us before shipping any items.

Contact: Steven Smith & Michele McDonald-Smith
380 Portlock Road Honolulu, Hawaii 96825 USA
Phone: (808) 3955301 Email:


Benevolent Organisation for Development, Health & Insight (BODHI)

Current projects:
· Sister Jessie's work to educate untouchables in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India
· Education of hill tribe girls at risk of being sold into prostitution, Thailand Tibetan Education and Children's Home (TEACH), Karnataka, South India
· Tibet Vision Project, Tibet
· Training of Tibetan monks and nuns as health workers, India
· Provision of water filtration system at the Soga school for newly arrived Tibetan refugees, Dharamsala, India
· Providing schooling for 500 village child carpet weavers, through the Centre for Child Concern, New Delhi, India.
· Penpal program to develop links between Australian schoolchildren and child labourers in Bihar, India
· Periodic placement of Western volunteers to work with Tibetans in India
· Training of health workers: Assam, India

Advisory Board:
Roshi Robert Aitken: Elder of the American Zen movement, Hawaii, USA
Ms Shelley Anderson: Pacifist, International Fellowship for Reconciliation; The Netherlands
Senator Bob Brown: Eco-politician, winner of the UNEP 500 award, leader of Australian Green party.
Sister Mila de Gimeno: Catholic activist, co-founder of the Missionaries of the Assumption; The Philippines
Professor John Guillebaud: Tireless campaigner for global family planning; Professor of Family Planning; London, UK
Dr Maurice King: Pioneer and sometimes controversial advocate for improved health care in developing countries; Leeds, UK
Dr Christopher Queen: Dean of continuing education and Lecturer in Religion; Harvard University, USA
Professor David Rapport: Founder of International Society for Ecosystem Health; University of Guelph Canada
Achaan Sulak Sivaraksa: Thailand's leading environmental and human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, recipient of 1995 Right Livelihood Award

Australian Board of Directors:
Dr Colin Butler
Susan Woldenberg
Damien Morgan
US Board of Directors:
Dr Colin Butler
Susan Woldenberg
Dr Marty Rubin
Scott Trimingham

How to contact BODHI:
Web site:

BODHI's administrative work is almost entirely self-funded by its board of directors. Projects require money. Please, we need support with our work. Financial help is the most useful, but we also need help with administration and publicity, including help on the internet. If you know of people who may be interested in supporting our work, please pass this message on or ask them to contact us.

In the US, BODHI is a 501c3 organization. This means that all contributions from US tax payers are tax deductible.
In Australia donations for BODHI are tax deductible See website for details

BODHI has published a four-page biennial newsletter since 1991. Some back copies are available. We ask for a nominal $20 per annum subscription for the newsletter. We also have a number of beautiful 50cm x 58cm colour portraits of our patron, His Holiness the Dalai Lama. This image of the Dalai Lama was taken by international art photographer, John Taylor and designed by Kuang Chang, a New York graphic designer and artist. Both donated their time and skills to help BODHI's work. We are happy to send you one of these portrait-posters for a minimum of $20. Donations of $100 or more automatically receive a portrait-poster.

Bodhgaya Development Association (BDA)

The Bodhgaya Development Association (BDA) is a small organisation set up to support projects in the Bodhgaya region of Bihar State in India. Bodhgaya is the place where the historical Buddha became enlightened some 2500 years ago, and is currently a centre of pilgrimage for people interested in Buddhism. It is also one of the poorest and most violent regions of India. Villagers tend to have very little opportunity to change their circumstances.

The BDA provides support for long term initiatives to help the poorest of the poor in the Bodhgaya region. We currently provide funding for two projects: The Prajna Vihar School provides education for children of the very poor who would otherwise not receive any schooling. Mahisi Gyanodaya Abhiyan is a literacy project (administered by Sister Jessie) which uses a unique model of self-help for participating villages. All work done for the BDA is voluntary with administrative costs being donated by volunteers. Because of this, all money donated goes directly to the projects.


The Amida Trust is an international network of people seriously interested in developing humanitarian projects based on Buddhist principals to help overcome suffering in the world. The Amida Trust is based in the U.K., however, there are members from several other countries. Amida Trust is currently in the process of developing a strong membership base in the United States, and then at some point, a mirror program with regard to the training programs offered in U.K. and France.

This site contains links as well as information. Frank and Sherry Glover have been initially commissioned by the Trust to manage A.T. affairs in the U.S. Frank is a psychotherapist, and Sherry teaches holistic health, and coaches on well-being. Both are serious Dharma students of Ven. Hung-I, Dharma master at the Jade Buddha Temple in Houston,Tx. and co-founder of the Texas Buddhist Association.

The Deed for Amida Trust establishes the power "To further the development of Buddhist culture, Buddhist psychology, and Buddhist psychotherapy appropriate to the contemporary world.

Many clinical practicioners, who begin to explore the world of personal growth find their way to the Dharma. Once one begins to fathom the depth of understanding which was taught by the Buddha one begins to question the present western approach to psychotherapy, and look for ways to incorporate the wisdom of the Buddha into their practice.

Some members of the Trust are clinical practicioners who have come to this realization, and have begun to apply Buddhist principals into their work. Amida Trust is a network where practicioners come together, present ideas and work co-operatively to find insights to the most important work of providing psychotherapeudic care to another being. Our clients come to us suffering from all types of problems which can be analyzed through the psychological system taught by the Buddha. Members that are clinicians can access the resource of having other like-minded professionals who can share ideas from different points of view to arrive at the optimum solutions.

Influnced by teachings from a variety of recognized spiritual leaders, members of Amida Trust practice and work to develop practical ideas and solutions to problems of human suffering. In the spirit of the Mahayana tradition Amida Trust is working to develop a strong membership base in the U.S. with people dedicated to the ideal that it is possible to make a difference in a world where ignorance and greed seemingly prevail.

More about the Amida Trust projects and activities can be found on our:
Web site: Amida Trust.

The Enlightenment Project

The Enlightenment Project for Purification and Merit
is a new FPMT project for creating holy Buddhist statues.

The Project exists in order to facilitate the enlightenment of all beings through contact with holy images. Images such as statues, tsa-tsa's and stupas are extremely powerful for purifying the mind of negative karmic potential and tendencies, as well as creating vast amounts of merit, or positive energy.

The Enlightenment Project is making such powerful holy images more accessible by sponsoring sculptors and artists and setting up an international distribution system. The Project also provides a mould and tsa-tsa making service for those who wish to create many holy images as a spiritual practice.

All income generated by the Project in terms of sponsorships and donations for statues is used to sponsor new statues, etc and to expand and enhance the services of the Project.

We are currently setting up a production facility in Queensland and will have more information on sponsorship and obtaining statues soon. For further information or to be included on our mailing lists, please contact:

Enlightenment Project
P.O. Box 41 Eudlo, Queenland 4554
Phone: 015 964 593

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