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Buddhism in a Nutshell


1. An Awakened or Enlightened One.
2. Lit., Thus who hath come.
3. Lit., the Worthy Ones. They are the enlightened disciples who have destroyed all passions.
4. The Teaching.
5. The Discipline.
6. Bhikkhu Silacara
7. Craving associated with "Eternalism" (sassataditthi) (Commentary)
8. Craving associated with "Nihilism" (ucchedaditthi) (Comy)
9. Culakamma Vibhanga Sutta — Majjhima Nikaya, No. 135.
10. See "Many Mansions and The World Within" by Gina Cerminara.
11. C.E.M. Joad, The Meaning of Life
12. See Compendium of Philosophy, Tr. by Shwe Zan Aung (Pali Text Society, London) — Introduction p. 12.
13. Compare the cinematograph film where the individual photographs give rise to a notion of movement.
14. Evidently the writer is referring to the state of an arahat after death.
15. This introductory part may be omitted by non-Buddhists.
16. Here the term "I" is used in a conventional sense.

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