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For Western practitioners of Buddhist insight, the application of mindfulness in daily life, rather than abstract theory, is what connects them most to the teachings. Dr Thynn Thynn speaks most eloquently on how the path of mindfulness may be available to householders with full responsibilities of jobs and family. Her teachings is a unique presentation of traditional Theravada teachings for lay people, and shows a strong flavour of Zen and Krishnamurti.

Dr Thynn Thynn is a medical doctor-turned-artist from Burma and a Dhamma teacher. She is the mother of two and currently lives in Sebastopol, California. She has published a book in Burmese in 1978 about her experiences in Buddhist meditation. She is the author of many articles on Buddhism, childhood education and health related issues, published in Thailand and Burma.

Dr Thynn Thynn has taught meditation in Thailand and the US for ten years following practice in Burma. Her style of teaching Insight Meditation simulates daily life by incorporating practise periods with discussion and mindful activity.

Dr Thynn Thynn's book "Living Meditation, Living Insight" is in its seventh reprint and can be requested throuogh email:

The author may be contacted at the following address:

Dr. Thynn Thynn
Sae Taw Win Dhamma Center
8769, Bower Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472 USA
Tel: (707) 824 4456
Web site:

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