Clearview Buddhist Meditation Centre - Maydena, Tasmania

Clearview is a small boutique retreat centre situated in the southwest wilderness of Tasmania, in the country town of Maydena, one hours drive from Hobart.

  • Large five-bedroom house, centrally heated and a meditation hall; two acres of established garden.

  • Private room with catering $35 per day. You can arrange to be picked up from the airport.

  • Intensive practice of Vipassana (insight) , Samatha (calm) in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma.

Please book ahead.

Contact: Malcolm McClintock, a practioner of 31 years experience.

Clearview Buddhist Meditation Centre
3 Parkview Cres, Maydena, Tasmania. 7140
Phone: (03) 6288 2259, Mobile: 0419 242 973


Tradition: Theravada / Vipassana meditation

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