Buddhism in Eyes of Intellectuals

No assumption in Buddhism
“It is a glory of Buddhism that it makes intellectual enlightenment an essential condition of salvation.  In Buddhism morality and intellectual enlightenment are inseparable from one another.  While morality forms the basis of the higher life, knowledge and wisdom complete it.  Without a perfect understanding of the law of causality and transformation (Pratityasamutpada), no one can even be said to be truly moral if he does not possess the necessary insight and knowledge.  In this respect Buddhism differs from all other religions.  All monotheistic religions start with certain assumptions, and when these assumptions are contradicted by the growth of knowledge it increase sorrow.  But Buddhism starts with no assumptions.  It stands on the firm rock of facts, and can therefore never shun the dry light of knowledge.”
Prof. Lakhsmi Narasu, "The Essence of Buddhism"