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EnvirofundThe Australian Government’s Envirofund is a funding programme that helps local community groups and individuals undertake small projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable natural resource use.

Using the Envirofund, Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery have been able so far to plant up to 1,500 rain forest tree along our creek and rock pool. We had a setback in the winter of 2007 with a severe frost when approximately 80% of the young trees were damaged. Nevertheless, we have replaced the damaged plants and with a wet summer this year the trees we have planted are thriving.

All the hard work of clearing the land of weed trees and bushes, especially lantana and privet was and is being done by volunteers. There's still plenty to do, so if you are so inclined - you are invited to come and give us a hand here at Bodhi Tree and make a practical contribution to help save the planet!

For more information about the project, please visit the EnviroFund website:

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