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This is a collection of Chinese Buddhist Songs. All files are in MP3 format - please right click on the links and choose "Save Target As.." to save them. If you have quality audio material to contribute to this section, please contact us and we will include them here.
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CD Cover:  Daniel Yeo - 'Man with Love' (1998)
1. Man with Love (Mandarin) - MP3 [5271kb] 7. Bond Free - MP3 [3,966kb]
2. Can I? - MP3 [3,915kb] 8. Song for Xiao Ying - MP3 [4,476kb]
3. World Peace - MP3 [6,170kb] 9. Journey of Realization - MP3 [4,598kb]
4. Fly on Silk Air - MP3 [4,942kb] 10. The Guide - MP3 [3,436kb]
  Download CD Cover [Jpeg - 85.5kb] 5. Mundane Attachment - MP3 [3,959kb] Man with Love (Cantonese) - MP3 [5,279kb]
6. Translation Unknown - MP3 [2,825kb] 12. Mundane Attachment (Karaoke Version) - MP3 [3,942kb]

Daniel Yeo - 'Come Forth' (2003)
Here is another album by Daniel Yeo, it is a collection of Buddhist songs by the Singapore composer.

MP3 1. Come Forth
[2,990kb] Download
MP3 2. Mundane Attachment
[3,972kb] Download
MP3 3. Journey
[2,930kb] Download
MP3 4. Heart Offering
[3,188kb] Download
MP3 5. Young Heart
[2,486kb] Download
MP3 6. Growing Up (Karaoke Version)
[2,9922kb] Download

MP3 7. Come Forth (Karaoke Version)
[2,960kb] Download
MP3 8. Buddham Saranim Gaccami
[3,668kb] Download
MP3 9. Magic Perl
[2,932kb] Download
MP3 10. Coming Home
[3,002kb] Download
MP3 11. Growing Up
[2,472kb] Download
MP3 12. Young Heart (Karaoke Version)
[5,272kb] Download
INSTRUCTIONS: All these songs are in MP3 Format, to save them to your computer right click link with your mouse and choose "Save Target As.."

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